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Quick thaw unit

  This patented and unique defrost system surpasses all conventional tempering and thawing systems.

•  Low or no driploss
•  Reduced storage and stock holding
•  Low energy consumption
•  Added workspace
•  Stores the product at its ideal process temperature
•  Datalogger records the thawing process
•  Unmanned 24 hour process operation
•  Achieve full defrost to any target temperature

The Design

The QuickThaw system is a specially designed wind tunnel using super high speed turbine fans to move warm air over the surface of materials...

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With the QuickThaw system you are able to define the limits of acceptable temperature rise. No variables, no errors, no special training...

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The Process

A microprocessor analyses information from probes placed in the products and adjusts air temperature and speed to give the fastest possible thaw rate...

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Quality Assurance

The entire thermal history, from the time the product is loaded into the chamber until it is removed is monitored and recorded by a datalogger...

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