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The Design

Warm Air and Velocity
The Quick Thaw Unit is a specially designed wind tunnel using super high speed turbine fans to move warm air over the surface of materials in a controlled pattern and at velocities not possible in a conventional cooler.

Capacity and Thaw Cycle
The unit capacity is 10-12 pallets and the cycle time from frozen to tempered of fully thawed material will vary from 12 to 36 hours, depending on material variables, starting temperatures etc.

Existing Room or Self Contained
The system can be built into an existing room or can be fully self contained requiring no in plant floor space. Areas formerly dedicated to tempering and thawing can be reclaimed as useful production space.

Payback can be achieved in a matter of months through increased usage of frozen material, reduced protein loss, improved operating and planning efficiencies, reduced material handling, smaller in process inventories, lower water consumption, etc.

Air flow illustration

Heating/cooling section, inside.

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